Functional food

sera is the first food manufacturer to launch different foods with new functional compositions.[more]


Individual and effective treatment against reptile diseases

Reptile lovers recognize immediately when their animal feels sick – may it be a loss of appetite or remarkable breathing sounds. For treating different parasites sera has developed a unique range of treatments for reptiles. [more]


sera VIVO and sera calendar 2012

Aquarium, terrarium and pond lovers will find from now on the new sera VIVO in their shop. With manifold information this magazine offers practical support around the hobby. At the same time there is the sera calendar 2012, being impressive with exclusive details out of the underwater and terrarium world.[more]


sera with new web presence

sera has advanced the internet presence. On www.sera.de the quality manufacturer makes it now much easier for aquarium, pond and terrarium hobbyists to look for product information or valuable practical hints. Amongst others the guides as e-papers (electronic papers) for leafing through, as well as the online laboratory offer optimum assistance.[more]


"Smart" Handover at the expo ZOO

[Translate to Amerikanisch:] Gewinnerübergabe des Smart in Paris - sera GmbH

A happy winner at the expo ZOO in Paris: The specialized retailer Philippe Begault (Faune Boutique) from Le Creusot received a special prize at the international exhibition.[more]


sera guide booklets

Browse our extensive guide booklets. From the first steps via correct feeding up to health related topics ...

sera guide booklets