High quality food adjusted to the four seasons spring, summer, autumn and winter is required as to ensure an appropriate and accordingly healthy diet for the fish. Photo: sera

Quality awareness is rewarded: The water conditioner sera goldy aquatan is added for free when purchasing the high quality sera goldy foods. By doing so, the manufacturer rewards all those who support health, growth and splendid coloration of their fish with appropriate sera food. The added sera goldy aquatan converts tap water into a perfect habitat for goldfish and other valuable coldwater species.[more]


Optimal food for pond fish that feed at the bottom

Large carnivorous pond fish require large food chunks: sera pond Sturgeon Chips XXL is the optimal staple food for carnivorous pond fish, such as sturgeons and perciform fish, sized 40 cm (16 in.) and up. [more]


Pond food rich in energy for the warm season

Energy requirements of pond fish become higher as soon as it gets warmer. The higher temperatures enhance growth was well as the activity of animals and plants: They require more nutrients. The high quality manufacturer sera offers new additional foods in convenient big packages.[more]


Practical advice for feeding Koi

Koi are probably the jewels among the pond inhabitants. Their gentle movements and iridescent colors make many viewers want their own oasis. Important for future or current pond keepers: Koi have high requirements, in particular concerning their nutrition. The sera specialists therefore show what must be considered in feeding. [more]


For high nutritional requirements

Pond keepers enjoy it whenever the white, orange-red or silvery color show up at the surface. Koi enthusiasts, however, know about the high nutritional requirements of their animals. Therefore, only quality food is acceptable, which ensures optimal supply with best ingredients throughout the different seasons.[more]


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