Specialist for unspoiled pond joy

Spending the warm summer months at the own pond is a great pleasure for pond keepers. This mood is spoiled, however, if floating algae spread and the water turns greenish. sera pond crystal allows not only removing the annoying algae, but visibility and water quality in the pond also improve considerably.[more]


Everything alright in the pond

It is summer! During this season, the pond particularly invites to rest. When the water sparkles in the sun and the fish are lively, it unfolds its full beauty. But not only the plants are thriving, but also the algae. Directed combat with optimally balanced products, for instance by sera, ensures clear water immediately. [more]


How to prepare your pond for winter

Pond keepers should become active when days become sorter and nature covers trees and shrubs in autumn colors. This ensures your fish and plants pass winter healthily. Some maintenance and efforts will prevent nasty surprises in the forthcoming spring. This is how you can protect your pond and fish against uncomfortable winter weather conditions ...[more]


Paradisiacal ponds without algae

Spring, finally: The sun glistens on the shining water surface, fish swim about majestically, insects buzz around. Everything grows and thrives, plants awake to new life – unfortunately, algae do so as well. The sera pond algovec kits 1 and 2 make the pond an aquatic paradise again, because they remove algae and prevent them from forming anew. [more]


Optimal food for pond fish that feed at the bottom

Large carnivorous pond fish require large food chunks: sera pond Sturgeon Chips XXL is the optimal staple food for carnivorous pond fish, such as sturgeons and perciform fish, sized 40 cm (16 in.) and up. [more]

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