How to prepare your pond for winter

Pond keepers should become active when days become sorter and nature covers trees and shrubs in autumn colors. This ensures your fish and plants pass winter healthily. Some maintenance and efforts will prevent nasty surprises in the forthcoming spring. This is how you can protect your pond and fish against uncomfortable winter weather conditions ...[more]


Pond food rich in energy for the warm season

Energy requirements of pond fish become higher as soon as it gets warmer. The higher temperatures enhance growth was well as the activity of animals and plants: They require more nutrients. The high quality manufacturer sera offers new additional foods in convenient big packages.[more]


Reliable against thread & floating algae

Uncontrolled algae spreading is a real nuisance for numerous pond keepers. The threat: Excess growth of thread or floating algae quickly throws the natural equilibrium in the garden pond out of balance, threatens the plants and stresses the fish. The new algae removal systems sera pond algovec Kit 1 and 2 provide support. They lastingly regulate the amount of algae in the water – without much maintenance effort. [more]


sera pond fil bioactive Set 6000 & 12000

You must be able to rely on the biological filtration if you wish to enjoy your garden pond. For this purpose, sera provides and easy-to-install, effective complete system that ensures crystal clear water.[more]


sera KOI NATURE - Just as in nature

Koi are a real adornment for garden ponds. Particular care and a special diet are required for providing them optimal living conditions. sera KOI NATURE allows Koi keepers to add a substantial and natural addition to the menu.[more]

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