Water Care

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Das neue Teichpflegesystem von sera löst alle Probleme im Gartenteich mit nur einem Produkt pro Schritt. Falsche Wasserwerte, Krankheiten und vor allem Algen sind die Hauptprobleme im Teich. Hier hilft das Teichpflegesystem für dauerhaft ungetrübte Freude am Gartenteich.

sera pond toxivec

Immediate help for all ponds

  • Immediately removes acutely ichthyotoxic ammonia and nitrite
  • Binds harmful heavy metals such as lead and copper
  • Removes chlorine and chloramines
  • Prevents high nitrate levels and, correspondingly, algae growth
  • Protects the mucous membrane of fish
  • Supports and accelerates the formation of a biological equilibrium
sera pond toxivec

Optimal protection for valuable Koi and coldwater fish

  • Immediate removal of aggressive chlorine
  • Immediately binds toxic heavy metals (e.g. copper or lead salts)
  • Prevention against water pollution by toxic ammonia
  • Mucous membrane and gill protection
sera pond phosvec

Protects against algae

  • Limit nutrients
  • Nutrient competition for algae
  • Immediately binds phosphate
sera pond phosvec
sera pond bio balance

For stabilizing water parameters safely – prevents pH value variations

  • For the gentle and safe increase of carbonate and total hardness
  • Raises and stabilizes the pH value
  • Reliably prevents dangerous pH value variations
sera pond bio balance
sera pond crystal

For unspoiled pond joy – against floating algae

  • Effective immediate help
  • Lastingly combats floating algae
sera pond crystal
sera pond bio humin

Sun protection for ponds

  • UV Blocker
  • Prevents cloudiness
  • Amber colored, crystal clear water due to natural humic substances
sera pond bio humin
sera KH/pH-plus

Stability and safety

  • Buffers and stabilizes the pH value
  • Is effective against biogenic decalcification
  • Creates appropriate conditions (e.g. for African cichlids)
sera KH/pH-plus
sera pond bio nitrivec *

The top-class liquid filter medium

  • Liquid biofilter medium
  • Contains purification bacteria
  • For crystal clear water
sera pond bio nitrivec <sup>*</sup>
sera pond filter biostart

For the immediate biological activation of filter media

  • Biological filter starter
  • Activates filter material
  • Removes rotting sludge
sera pond filter biostart

* Available only in specific countries (for further information see product details page)


a) Biozide sicher verwenden. Vor Gebrauch stets Kennzeichnung und Produktinformation lesen.

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