CO2 fertilization system

CO<sub>2</sub> fertilization system

A beautifully planted aquarium is undoubtedly a real eye catcher. But plants do not only have a decorative effect. Their secret work is much more important. They detoxify the water and prevent unsightly algae due to nutrient competition. They are therefore the basis for a self-maintaining aquarium.

The plants must grow healthily and strongly as to allow them to entirely fulfill this important task. The sera plant care range supports them exactly in doing so. A balanced fertilizer system closes nutrient gaps, CO2 supply never before was so easy. And sera of course also provides beautifully shaped accessories that make aquarium maintenance easier and complete the system. The sera plant care range creates an environment in which plants will thrive.

The sera plant care range provides the correct product for every purpose. Be it a versed beginner or an experienced aquascaper, whether with or without fish, sera provides the correct solution for every need. And the numerous combination possibilities allow compiling a tailor-made plant care range for everybody.

Technical CO2 equipment
seramic pH Controller
seramic pH Controller
Automatic digital pH value Controller for CO2 operation
sera flore CO<sub>2</sub> active reactor 500 / 1000
sera flore CO2 active reactor 500 / 1000
The new generation of CO2 reactors
sera flore CO<sub>2</sub> fertilization system
sera flore CO2 fertilization system
Fertilization system with complete accessories for safe CO2 supply
seramic CO<sub>2</sub> control system
seramic CO2 control system
Automatic digital pH value control for CO2 operation
sera flore CO2 pressure diffuser
Maximum CO2 dissolution in stylish design
sera flore CO<sub>2</sub> pressure diffuser
sera flore CO2 pressure reducer
Precision pressure reducer for external valve
sera flore CO<sub>2</sub> pressure reducer
sera flore CO2 bubble counter
For monitoring the CO2 addition in aquariums
sera flore CO<sub>2</sub> bubble counter
sera CO2 pressure gas bottle
Steel bottle with external valve
sera CO<sub>2</sub> pressure gas bottle
sera O-ring
sera sealing ring for filling adapter and CO2 pressure reducer for internal valve
sera O-ring
sera CO2 solenoid valve 2 W
Easy nocturnal CO2 supply switchoff
sera CO<sub>2</sub> solenoid valve 2 W
sera ceramic disc
for sera flore CO2 pressure diffuser
sera ceramic disc
sera high quality safety non-return valve
Avoids aquarium water flowing back into air hoses,
sera high quality safety non-return valve
sera CO2-Start
For a start into CO2 fertilization
sera CO<sub>2</sub>-Start
sera Plant Care Set
The perfect product combination for splendid aquatic plants
sera Plant Care Set

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