Paradisiacal ponds without algae

Well maintained aquatic oasis

Spring, finally: The sun glistens on the shining water surface, fish swim about majestically, insects buzz around. Everything grows and thrives, plants awake to new life – unfortunately, algae do so as well. The sera pond algovec kits 1 and 2 make the pond an aquatic paradise again, because they remove algae and prevent them from forming anew.

Paradisiac ponds – with sera products. Photo: sera

Mowing the lawn, digging the weed and watering – this keeps the garden well maintained and beautiful. But how dies successful pond care work?

“Green water”, caused by floating algae, as well as thread algae, spoil every ponds just like plant beds overgrown by weeds. The floating algae make the water cloudy, while the thread algae overgrow plants and rocks near the banks as fluff-like mats.

Excess nutrients and sunlight are the causes for their appearance. However, imbalanced water parameters or insufficient nutrient competition by plants may also be additional reasons. The sera algae checklist allows finding out causes and solutions easily.

It is important to react quickly as soon as algae are spreading. An effective solution: sera algovec kit 1 and 2. Both complete systems regulate the pond water lastingly without much maintenance effort.

The sera pond algovec kit 1 contains sera pond algokill*, which is reliably effective against persistent thread algae. sera pond crystal from the sera pond algovec kit 2 binds floating algae and makes them collectable for the filter. Application is easy, water pollution is minimal, and the pond is freed from acute algae growth after a short while.

Each of both kits contains sera pond algenstop* for combating algae lastingly, sera pond bio balance for stabilizing the water, and the sera kH-test for precise water measurements.

Another advantage: Both complete systems are sufficient for 5,000 liters (1,321 US gal.) of pond water each and may even be used in combination.

The correct know-how and sera products make keeping a wonderful pond easy with little effort: The reconstitution of its natural equilibrium protects lastingly against new uncontrolled algae growth.

* Use biocides safely. Always read the label an product information before use.


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