sera VIVO and sera calendar 2012

Fascinating themes, impressive pictures:

Aquarium, terrarium and pond lovers will find from now on the new sera VIVO in their shop. With manifold information this magazine offers practical support around the hobby. At the same time there is the sera calendar 2012, being impressive with exclusive details out of the underwater and terrarium world.

Exciting themes in the sera VIVO and high quality pictures in the sera calendar 2012. Photo: sera

sera presents in the VIVO autumn issue interesting news and information around the aquarium, terrarium and garden pond area. Enthusiasts will find helpful hints and tricks, e.g., for correct feeding of fish, for appropriate UV lighting for reptiles as well as for stabilizing the water conditions in the pond.

Also the sera calendar for 2012 catches the eye in the shop. The colorful pictures inspire in a manifold way.

So, sera will accompany aquarium, terrarium and pond lovers the whole year round with fascinating impressions and well-founded information.


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