Individual and effective treatment against reptile diseases

Unique range of treatments for reptiles

Reptile lovers recognize immediately when their animal feels sick – may it be a loss of appetite or remarkable breathing sounds. For treating different parasites sera has developed a unique range of treatments for reptiles.

With the new sera med Professional treatments terrarium hobbyists treat their reptiles individually.

With the new and over-the-counter sera med Professional treatments sera Tremacestol, Oxyspirol, Eimerol and Flagamol terrarium hobbyists treat their animals individually. The products have been developed especially by the scientists of the sera laboratory under the conductorship of Prof. Dr. Günter Schmahl and tested in cooperation with the “Deutsches Reptilien-Zentrum” (German Reptile Center) in Springe (Germany) for their suitability for daily use.

sera Tremacestol offers effective help in case of digenous flukes and tapeworms. The so-called trematodes and cestodes infect primarily snakes and other carnivorous reptiles. If there occur signs of loss of appetite, limited vitality and stunted growth, acts the long-time proven active substance praziquantel that is contained in the treatment.

sera Oxyspirol again is the right one if the animals is infested by nematodes and lung mites. Symptoms for intestinal nematodes range from indigestion (dyspepsia) to loss of weight. Stertorous breathing as well as wheeze or an open mouth when in resting position point to lung mites.

The animal can also infect itself with Coccidia. These single-celled parasites often infest the bile ducts, kidney and the intestines. Symptoms are loss of appetite, diarrhoea, loss of weight – even death may occur. In case of this infection sera Eimerol should be used. Its active substance diclazuril fights the disease in a directed manner and is tolerated very well by all reptiles, especially juveniles.

Flagamol helps in case of infestation with amoebae and flagellates. These belong to the frequently appearing parasites in terrarium animals. While turtles can stand an infestation without problems and do not need to be treated, the disease is certainly a fatal danger for snakes and other carnivorous reptiles. Strong loss of appetite, loss of weight as well as an intestinal inflammation may occur. The contained active substance 5-Nitro-1,3-thiazol-2-ylazane treats in a directed manner against amoebae and flagellates.

Taking in consideration in particular the special biology of reptiles all treatments have been developed exclusively for these animals.

They are concentrated that way that only a very small quantity must be given to the animal and the experienced hobbyist can apply them without problems. With newly-bought animals the treatment is also recommended in line with quarantine to avoid the introduction of parasites into the stock.


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