When spring is about to begin…

Pond care advice

A view from the window: Buds grow on the branches of trees and other plants, temperatures rise. Spring is about to begin. It is about time to wake up the pond from its hibernation.

Pond care in spring also includes pond cleaning. Dead plant parts are removed with nets. Photo: sera

The rough season demands its tribute. There are dead plant parts, leaves and other deposits in the pond. Pond specialist sera provides helpful advice to get your oasis ready for spring:


The pond should be cleaned once the water temperature has reached 12 °C (54 °F). Simply remove the traces of winter, such as fallen leaves, by with a net. In case too much deposits have formed on the bottom, these must be removed with a sludge pump. However, there are also preparations specially developed for fish ponds that break down mud and sludge.


Use, for instance, the sera tests (for nitrate, nitrite and phosphate) for checking the water parameters. If these parameters are within the normal range, optimal water quality and a healthy environment for fish and plants are easy to achieve. Otherwise, water conditioners such as sera pond phosvec provide support.


Finally, an effective filter with a high performance filter medium (e.g. sera siporax Professional) ensure crystal clear water.


When kept appropriately your own pond will again become a highlight of your garden.


The helpful sera guide “Healthy Pond Fish” is also available from stores. It informs about fish diseases and various treatment possibilities.



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