Loyalty offer: 25% more contents

Prebiotic ornamental fish food sera vipa

A “thank you” to loyal customers: 25 % more contents at the same price – for sera vipan, the classic among flake foods for ornamental fish. This high quality prebiotic food with mannan oligosaccharides (MOS) allows aquarists to strongly support the health of their animals.

A “thank you” for loyal customers: 25 percent more contents for the same price.

Fish love eating the extra finely ground food. Being carefully processed, sera vipan contains valuable ingredients such as omega fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.

sera vipan also convinces with its special ingredients, the mannan oligosaccharides (MOS). They increase the well-being of the animals and support intestinal health in a natural way. MOS are components of a specific yeast strain with manifold working mechanisms. Among others, as prebiotics they reduce the growth of pathogenic bacteria, contribute to strengthening the immune system and improve food and nutrient utilization. The flake food does not pollute the water, as it keeps its shape due to its manufacturing process.

Another special benefit for aquarists, besides the price advantage: sera vipan with MOS reduces algae growth – and it enhances the health of the fish.



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