Practical advice for feeding Koi

Feed KOI correctly with sera.

Koi are probably the jewels among the pond inhabitants. Their gentle movements and iridescent colors make many viewers want their own oasis. Important for future or current pond keepers: Koi have high requirements, in particular concerning their nutrition. The sera specialists therefore show what must be considered in feeding.

Koi have high feeding requirements. Food that matches the requirements of the animals is therefore very important. Photo: sera

Koi swim through the water in their white, orange-red or silvery colors, every now and then show up at the surface and then disappear in the depths again.

Koi ponds are special. However, feeding the animals is just as special.

Appropriate nutrition is the basis for the health of the Koi. Their energy requirements crucially depends on the water temperatures. Like all fish, Koi belong to the cold-blooded creatures whose metabolism is more active at high water temperatures, and whose nutrient requirements therefore are higher as at lower ones. The food types and amount therefore need to be adjusted according to the season.

An example: Fish only have little metabolism in winter. They look for food near the bottom. An energy supply for the cold season is now required. This is, for instance, provided by sera KOI Professional Winter Food. This special food is rich in essential, highly unsaturated omega-3 fatty acids that protect the cell membrane. It quickly sinks to the bottom, where Koi dwell when it is cold. It is particularly easily utilized by the fish body due to the reduced carbohydrate level. Feed daily in small portions, since Koi are not able to take up large amounts of food. These tips make sure nothing can go wrong and the pond jewels will continue to shine.

Further information about feeding in spring, summer and autumn is available on www.sera.de. Interested people may also take a look at the helpful sera guide “Relax at your garden pond throughout the year”.


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