Pond food rich in energy for the warm season

Energy requirements of pond fish become higher as soon as it gets warmer. The higher temperatures enhance growth was well as the activity of animals and plants: They require more nutrients. The high quality manufacturer sera offers new additional foods in convenient big packages.

The foods sera pond sticks energy plus and sera KOI sticks energy plus consist of floating, water stable pellets. They allow pond keepers an optimal addition to natural food present in ponds, such as insect larvae and herbal materials.

The products in big 40 liter packages are ideal at water temperatures above 17 °C (63 °F) for additional feeding as to cover increased energy requirements.

The special feature of this energy food for pond fish: sera pond sticks energy plus and the sera KOI sticks energy plus (for Koi and other pond fish) are characterized in particular by mannan oligosaccharides (MOS), so-called prebiotics. These reduce the growth of pathogenic bacteria, and strengthen intestinal health and the immune system in a natural way. Furthermore, the addition of MOS supports the food and nutrient utilization as well as blood health.

sera recommends the Koi Professional range as staple food for Koi: It takes the nutritional habits in the course of seasons into account and thus ensures healthy growth and a brilliant coloration.

Optimal for pond keepers who wish to buy food in larger amounts: The big 40 liter packages with sera pond sticks energy plus and sera KOI sticks energy plus.



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