Additional plant care for higher carbon requirements

03342 -DE- sera-flore-1-carbo-250-ml TOP

Aquarium plants require sufficient amounts of CO2 for developing intensely colored leaves. The quality manufacturer sera provides the new system care flore carbo as an optimal alternative to carbon fertilizing systems. [more]

Functional food

sera Futtersorten-MOS-klein

sera is the first food manufacturer to launch different foods with new functional compositions. [more]

Abundant plant growth in your aquarium

sera CO2-Duengeanlage

Optimaler CO2 levels in the water are a precondition for abundantly growing plants. The CO2 fertilization system by sera provides safety for aquarists. It is suitable for aquariums up to 300 liters. [more]

Put an end to unnecessary maintenance efforts

sera Komplettsysteme

For lovers of the underwater world, there is nothing more beautiful than aquariums that make the hobby as easy as possible. The high quality complete systems by the aquarium, pond and terrarium specialist sera allow fish friends to focus entirely on... [more]

They are just sweet!

sera Biotop Cube 130 XXL

Children love goldfish. “They are just sweet”, they say when looking into the aquarium. Now who is surprised? After all, the enjoyable colors and gentle movements of the charming ornamental fish do not only please the hearts of children. [more]

Marine water

Marine water

sera glass cleaner

08845 -INT- sera-glass-cleaner

The glass cleaner with stainless steel blade allows for easy cleaning. Furthermore, the grip shape of the handle are rather flat and allow scraping off the algae in an acute angle. [more]

sera marin stream pump SPM 8000

31112 sera-stroemungspumpe-spm-8000 dusf

Energy saving stream pump for marine aquariums larger than 100 liters (26 US gal.). The robust sera marin stream pump SPM 8000 is an efficient stream pump that delivers 8,000 liters (2,113 US gal.) of water per hour. [more]

sera marin Biotop LED Cube 130

31099 sera-marin-biotop-led-cube-130 diep

Energy saving lighting with 50 % less consumption and 33 % higher light yield! The new sera marin Biotop LED Cube 130 will include a 12 Volt two color LED lighting. The 12 white and 6 blue separately switchable LED chips impress by a considerably longer lifetime compared to conventional lamps. The LED chips are connected via a simple push-in contact, and are very easy to replace. [more]

sera marin salt & sera marin reef salt

05440 sera-marin-salt 3900g dusf

sera marin salt and sera marin reef salt are blends of the salts, minerals and trace elements present in marine water. They are used for preparing optimal marine water for fish and reef aquariums. [more]

sera marin Biotop Cube 130

31100 sera-marin-biotop-cube-130 diep

Be it corals, clownfish or cardinalfish – setup and maintenance of your own biotope come first in the saltwater aquarium hobby. An aquarium completely equipped from the beginning is advisable so the aquarist can fully concentrate on animals, ornamental algae and the decoration. [more]



How to prepare your pond for winter

sera Herbst Massnahmen3

Pond keepers should become active when days become sorter and nature covers trees and shrubs in autumn colors. This ensures your fish and plants pass winter healthily. Some maintenance and efforts will prevent nasty surprises in the forthcoming spring. This is how you can protect your pond and fish against uncomfortable winter weather conditions... [more]

Pond food rich in energy for the warm season

sera sticks energy plus MOS

Energy requirements of pond fish become higher as soon as it gets warmer. The higher temperatures enhance growth was well as the activity of animals and plants: They require more nutrients. The high quality manufacturer sera offers new additional foods in convenient big packages. [more]

Reliable against thread & floating algae


Uncontrolled algae spreading is a real nuisance for numerous pond keepers. The threat: Excess growth of thread or floating algae quickly throws the natural equilibrium in the garden pond out of balance, threatens the plants and stresses the fish. The new algae removal systems sera pond algovec Kit 1 and 2 provide support. They lastingly... [more]

Well prepared into the pond season

sera pond PP und SP

sera pond PP 12000 Teichpumpe

High quality pump systems are particularly important for filter setups in garden ponds or smaller water systems. Pond keepers should decide on reliable models as they are permanently in use. The new PP and SP pond pumps by sera are long lived, powerful and therefore ensure trouble free operation. Additionally, they save energy. [more]

sera pond fil bioactive Set 6000 & 12000

sera pond fil bioactive Druckfilter Set 12000

You must be able to rely on the biological filtration if you wish to enjoy your garden pond. For this purpose, sera provides and easy-to-install, effective complete system that ensures crystal clear water. [more]



Individual and effective treatment against reptile diseases

Unique range of treatments for reptiles

sera med reptil Professional

Reptile lovers recognize immediately when their animal feels sick – may it be a loss of appetite or remarkable breathing sounds. For treating different parasites sera has developed a unique range of treatments for reptiles. [more]

A terrarium in the living room


In Germany, the trend towards exotic animals has strongly increased. Terrarium care becomes more and more popular also in families. The extravagant colors, elegant movements and the unusual body shape trigger this fascination. However, let us not forget the terrarium itself. It gives every living room an unusual appeal. [more]

Appropriate aquaterrarium


Everybody who wants to keep terrapins, crabs and crayfish that remain small according to their requirements now can use a new aquaterrarium by sera. The sera reptil aqua biotop complete system is equipped with all technical devices required for immediate operation: this simplifies the first steps into a fascinating hobby especially for beginners. [more]

Exotic living environments for fascinating animals


Bamboo garden, rainforest or desert –terrarium care brings many fascinating living environments and animal species into your home. With the sera reptil terra biotop, sera provides the suitable terrarium for keeping smaller reptile and amphibian species easily. [more]

Modern terrarium technology for a living environment close to nature


Since reptiles and amphibians are cold-blooded animals and synthesize vitamin D3 with UV-B radiation, they have special requirements concerning light and surrounding temperature. The modern technical products of the new sera reptil range allow creating living environments close to nature in which the terrarium inhabitants feel well. [more]


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