sera pond fil bioactive Set 6000 & 12000

You must be able to rely on the biological filtration if you wish to enjoy your garden pond. For this purpose, sera provides and easy-to-install, effective complete system that ensures crystal clear water.[more]


Bottom ground for all rainforest and moist terrariums

Biological, sustainable and ideally suited for all digging reptile and amphibian species: sera reptil coco soil is the perfect bottom ground for all rainforest and moist terrariums.[more]


sera KOI NATURE - Just as in nature

Koi are a real adornment for garden ponds. Particular care and a special diet are required for providing them optimal living conditions. sera KOI NATURE allows Koi keepers to add a substantial and natural addition to the menu.[more]


Remove the algae nutrient phosphate successfully from the water

Pond keepers often feel helpless in case of algae growth. The just have to watch algae defacing their pond and threatening the water stability as well as the fish. Many people do not know that phosphate in water supports algae growth most strongly. The new sera pond phosvec removes phosphate safely, quickly and reliably.[more]


sera plant care: Everything from one source

[Translate to Amerikanisch:] Produkte der Pflanzenpflege

sera increase their well proven plant care range with four innovative products and fulfill all customers' desires concenring successful plant care.[more]


sera guide booklets

Browse our extensive guide booklets. From the first steps via correct feeding up to health related topics ...

sera guide booklets